Back to the Future

December 2012…ain’t love grand?


Having experienced a variety of suitors since becoming newly single, I had some level of optimism for the next date on my agenda since he’d been super chatty online and through text.  I wondered if I could be genuinely interested in spite of his being 13 years my senior and having three young kids.  Turns out, not so much, but for wholly separate reasons.

In person, this guy wasn’t quite as charming as his digital flirting implied.  He not only seemed less sure of himself, but struck me as not quite as interesting either.  Most of our conversation was about his kids and making the custody schedule work with his ex-wife.  While the first part could be endearing, the details of his son’s anxiety and OCD made it far less so.  He also told me he had often given up his “off” days from the kids when the ex came calling so she could go on a date with someone else.  This was all offered readily on our very first meeting.  Is he even over her?

What sealed the deal was the discussion about his work life, which bore too close a resemblance to a certain character I already know.  Here’s another guy who doesn’t know what he wants to do and leapfrogs from one hair-brained idea to the next because it might make sense.  He seemed to have so little knowledge of himself or how to feel successful, and I’m not looking for a project.  I’m also not looking to right myself after jumping ship with a clone of my own ex who’s older and already has kids.  It was odd to see what he (and we?) might have turned out like had I stayed for a few more years.  Tonight, I’m really thankful for my decision, even if it means more of these adventures ahead.


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