The Amazing Universe

I spent my day watching just about 11 straight hours of lacrosse.  My feet hurt from standing the whole time and wearing two pairs of socks to stay warm.  I’m entirely exhausted after four hours of sleep and a full day in the elements.  My face is burnt by sun and wind.  And somehow my eyes are both glazed over and totally dry.  Yet, as I got back in my car and turned onto a tree-lined road with the evening sun illuminating the leaves, I couldn’t help but grin. I announced to the universe (at least the part that could hear me over the car radio) that “I have a pretty great job.”  I opened the moon roof, turned up the volume, and sang and danced along with every song that crossed the airwaves.  This was a good day.  I smiled my contented smile the entire hour home. 


One thought on “The Amazing Universe

  1. Knowing, and being able to recognize, your own happiness is what it’s all about. You are golden……and quite amazing!

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