Writing’s Influence

It has been a while since I posted here, but I came across a writing contest that caught my attention and made me sit down to write again. I am thankful to Bryan Hutchinson for inspiring me to examine how writing has positively influenced my life. So read my story and check out Bryan’s blog, Positive Writer.

I have always loved words. The patterns & complexities of language intrigue me, they make me pay attention. So from a young age, writing has been my favorite hobby. Crafts & certain sports come and go, but I have never lost interest in the sensation of feeling ball point trace ink on a page. The appearance of letters on something that was only recently blank. The process of formulating and creating is so satisfying. Yet I had absolutely no idea how inexpensive and important it would be as a therapy option.

Though my first love was screenwriting, I realized that unless someone produced your work, all you had was a difficult to read visual story. My writing group was made up of people who had no experience reading scripts, which meant they couldn’t relate to or connect with the filmic pages I produced for each session. So I changed gears. I began bringing personal essays for critique & the response I received progressed right along with me.

At the time, I was going through a separation, and then a divorce. All of those feelings of anger & confusion made more sense to me when I got them out of my head and onto paper. I no longer felt so isolated because really, even if no one else read my words, I could revisit them & have a snapshot of where I’d been. They also gave me an opening to discuss a topic that was so sensitive, and somewhat taboo, that I was unlikely to otherwise raise it with my writer friends. The simple act of reading my words aloud broke that barrier & helped me to build new relationships.

Two years removed, I have reread my words many times. They are my time capsule, the stories behind the pained smiles in past photographs. The reminder of how far I’ve come since that time. The measuring stick of my development through this most recent adventure. Because somehow, even writing the upsetting words has brought strength, ownership of my life. And for that, there will always be a pen in my purse.